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  • Aware of the urgent need to protect the Venezuelan Amazon Region from the growing environmental and human destruction caused by illegal mining in all the area south of the Orinoco river;
  • Concerned about the lack of awareness and information in the international community about the magnitude of this ecological and human devastation and its adverse effects for Venezuela, the region and the planet;
  • Conscious of the fact that the organizations and actors in Venezuela, including our indigenous communities, require immediate help to continue their efforts to preserve and protect this area and its biodiversity;
  • Prepared to build on the capacity of the Venezuelan diaspora to denounce, advocate, create alliances, influence changes and support grassroots organizations in Venezuela from abroad,
  • Aligned with the objectives, mission and vision of Embajadores del Orinoco

We hereby declare our willingness to contribute actively and in good faith, on a voluntary basis, in a civic manner and without a political agenda, to the achievement of the goals of Embajadores del Orinoco, displaying at all times a positive, respectful behaviour and an inclusive attitude of fraternal collaboration, sincere and open exchange and teamwork spirit.